Our exclusive and discreet service matches and connects high caliber, highly educated, highly eligible and successful individuals who wish to meet and form significant relationships and/or share their lives with one another. Additionally, our relationship coaching and content empowers and educates you to create fulfilling and lasting relationships with like-minded individuals.

OneDegreeFrom.Me is the right place for you if you wish to:
  • Meet highly eligible and compatible dates who have been personally selected to meet your requirements and tastes
  • Engage in a strategic and targeted approach to dating, thus saving time and ensuring that, from the outset, you are only matched with people who match your values, desires and needs
  • Ensure a high level of confidentiality, discretion and privacy when finding a mate – this works especially well for our high profile clients
  • Become more effective in dating and relationships. Find out more about your own dating habits, relationship patterns, and the factors that influence your relationship decisions
  • Add a customized and personal touch to dating

At OneDegreeFromMe, we realize that each person has unique and specific needs, wants and desires. We ensure that each of our clients receives a highly personalized and individually tailored service from Paul Carrick Brunson and his matchmaking and relationship coaching team. Unlike dating services, which offer a general and unfiltered pool of suitors, through our matchmaking service, we do the hard work of identifying and connecting you with the right people from our large and carefully selected network of highly desirable men and women. Our effort and diligence allows you to get on with simply enjoying the company of your match and building that special partnership.

The team is dedicated, on a full-time basis, to the business of helping people find their true love. We see healthy relationships as the tool to creating happy, strong and long lasting families and our matchmaking services, relationship coaching, and wide array of informative, educational and practical written and video content are geared towards that.

We serve matchmaking clients nationwide and coaching clients globally.

Paul Brunson

Paul Carrick Brunson

Founder of OneDegreeFrom.Me

In the last 3 years, Paul Carrick Brunson (also known as The Modern Day Matchmaker) has become internationally recognized as one of the most successful matchmakers and relationship coaches. As the pioneering African-American matchmaker in the world, Paul has served over 267 clients directly and collectively through live events and social media, matched over 3,000 people on dates.

Paul’s unparalleled ability for successful matchmaking and coaching comes from really knowing and understanding his clients and their needs. Like his clients, he is cultured, well traveled, well educated and trained – he holds a graduate degree from a top business school, as well as additional certifications. His professional career started as an investment banker and most recently included a senior position with a top international firm. He is also a philanthropist who co-founded and chairs a foundation that focuses on school rehabilitations in the U.S. and Jamaica.

Paul believes that happy relationships are the foundation of a well functioning society and has a personal desire to reverse some of the dismal marriage statistics among several communities. Believing that he could best affect positive societal change through thoughtful matchmaking, Paul sought to receive a comprehensive view of the role of matchmaker through formal education, apprenticeship and personal academic exploration.

Understanding that a matchmaker is truly a guide to help clients achieve self actualization, Paul received his life coaching certification from the International Coach Federation. Next, Paul further immersed himself in the art and science of matchmaking by training with Harvard Business school graduate and matchmaker extraordinaire, Rachel Greenwald. Lastly, to ensure he was as knowledgeable as possible about the dynamics of human relationships and love, Paul undertook a literary review of hundreds of books and academic journals on psychology, sociology and behavioral science. Paul then put his acquired learnings to the test by practicing pro-bono throughout 2009.

In addition to academic study, Paul intimately understands the everyday opportunities and challenges of committed relationships, as Paul has been happily married to his beautiful wife for ten years. Not only does his knowledge of what it takes to have a happy marriage influence his matchmaking, but he is also able to leverage his professional network to enhance the matches of his clients.

Paul’s expertise and unique understandings of love and relationship have made him a sought after expert on dating, self-actualization and relationships. Paul’s understanding and insights into romantic and lasting relationships have been featured in the Washington Post, Essence, Extra’s Life Changers, The Root, The Grio, AOL Black Voices, ABC news and Hot 97. In addition to participating in numerous relationship and community-focused panels, Paul also served as the first male speaker for the 2011 Black Enterprise Women of Power Conference and was the keynote speaker for the 2011 iDate Matchmaking Conference, the largest internet dating conferences in the US.

Paul can be booked for speaking engagements on dating, matchmaking and relationships. To book Paul to speak at your event drop us a line.